Ilkeston Food and Drink Fair

Wrapped up in our thickest jumpers and walking boots today my parents and I all went on a dog walk to the Ilkeston Food and Drink Fair held at the Ilkeston Rugby Club. 

I have been to the first Food and Drink Fair held there before and loved it, so this time I bought my camera along as I knew I would see so many things I'd want to share with you all! 

 All the stores were local, so you knew you would be buying local goods and supporting local farms or businesses!
Spondon Bakery were selling pastry goods and other baked goodies 

Jartastic were selling jars of cookie mixes you simply add butter and an egg and bake! A great present idea - christmas is coming up! 

So many food choices, including wood fired pizzas....

or Caribbean Street Food from 63 Islands

Not in the mood for a big dish? Theres plenty of nibbles about to satisfy your taste buds! 

Ghar Ka Khana sell gourmet Indian sauces and condiments along side a fantastic range of Indian Snacks. They have a Chai 'n' Coffee House in Edwalton, Nottingham and also do tailor made catering for events too. 

Vork Pie are a fantastic company who make vegetarian pies, with the 'Vegiterranean' pie or 'Piri Piri' pie there's something for everyone, even non veggies! I myself am not a vegetarian but these pies were too good to turn down, I'd happily swap a chicken pie for a Vork Pie anyday! 

Yes gourmet chocolate! Cocoa Tabby offer some incredible flavours of chocolate, salted caramel, mint chocolate and even strawberry milkshake! 

This is the stall we stayed the longest at, mainly because my Dad sampled every single item they sold! 

I sadly can't seem to find the companies online, but their BBQ sauce is to die for, and their pickles are indescribable! 

Now comes the drinks, with a rise in mobile coffee shops, the fair today had a few that caught my eye

The Split Screen Coffee Company had this adorable camper van coffee shop selling all you would want from a coffee shop, you guessed it, coffee! Upon research afterwards I've found that these guys also do a bakery camper too for all events! 

The Very Little Coffee Company are another I saw today, also selling Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolates and Chai Teas too. Their van was adorable, it would really look lovely at any outdoor event! 

If teas and coffees aren't your thing then don't you worry, Derventio Brewery will get you a bottle or two to conquer your thirst! 

But what scrumptious looking stalls won me over? I must admit it was very difficult to chose but I am so glad with what I did chose, it was delicious! 

My choice was Home from Home  I chose their Slow Cooked Pulled Chicken Breast Burger....

This was the nicest pulled meat I'd ever eaten, the chicken was so soft and tender, the flavours were rich but not over powering and teamed with a soft white cob this was perfect. 

 Oh come on, did you really think I'd not get some Sweet Potato Fries with it?! 

And for drinks, coffee and tea aren't really my cup of tea (excuse the irony there), and it was a surprisingly warm day for hot chocolate so it left me with one other option....


Dry Prosecco sweetened with Strawberry and Raspberry Cordial...mmm!

With many cakes and sweet treat stalls I couldn't dare leave without a treat for myself!

I chose to try something from Hazlewood Desserts 

My white chocolate crispy cake was incredibly delicious! 

With my tummy sufficiently filled, and bloating from eating so much, my dog Murphy was giving me puppy dog eyes....

Especially when we found Mrs Bishop's Doggy Deli 

There was no way we could resist his little paw saying 'pretty please' and we bought him some Beef Nibbles and Dried Sprats - which we have less than half left now! 

Despite being a food and drinks fair there were also plenty of Arts and Crafts stores too, my favourite being this Jewellery Store

Silver Spoon  is by Gilly Anderson, she makes bespoke jewellery from vintage and antique cutlery. Her items are purely unique and are absolutely stunning. 

A truly wonderful day out with the family, finding new local businesses and getting to try lots of yummy food and drink all day long! 


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