Make your own organiser binder (with printables!)

Organising can be a pain, with this helpful handy binder you can organise different parts of your life easily!

You will need:
An old binder
Split pins
Hole punch

Start off by marking out your binder to the size you wish to have.

 Score and crease the lines.

 Cut off the original binder boards away as much as possible.

 As you can see the binder clip are held on with eyelets, you basically have to use pliers and tweezers to rip them out.

 Until they look like this and will come apart.

These are the tools I used for this:

 Insert split pins from the outer sides.

 Spread the spilt pins apart and fold under the binder clip securely using pliers.

 And there you have it, your own binder.

Mine is rather plain and a bit boring at the moment, I plan to decorate it in my own style with doodles and stickers etc!

You can use the below images to use in your binder, or create your own. (sized 11cm x 16cm)


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