Boxing Day Sales - New Look Haul

I'm not a big sale shopper fan in all honesty, I'm pretty lazy when it comes to hunting through the unorganised chaos called clothing racks.

But this year I went into my local town centre, for no more than 2 hours. In fact I think I only went into 4 shops, 2 of those I stayed in for a couple of moments only! It was incredibly busy but I managed to bag myself some excellent bargains, all from New Look.

 Ear Cuff £3.99 £2 

 Drop Earrings £5.50 2.75

Gem Studs £4.99 £2.50

Black Block Heel Sandal with Metal Strip £24.99 £10

Black Chunky Heeled Studded Sandal £22.99 £10 

Plum Cross Over Flat Buckled Shoes £22.99 £10 

That means for £37.25 I got 3 pairs of shoes, 2 pairs of earrings and 1 ear cuff. It should of cost me £85.45 meaning a total saving of: £48.20! 

What bargains have you grabbed in the post-christmas sales?


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