Pointed table runner.

Firstly you need to make your measurements.
Mine is 35cm wide, 92cm long (with an extra foot (30cm) either end)
So I bought 2 metres of fabric.

To start I made my pattern (yes I used a roll of greaseproof paper)

 As you can see I first drew out the shape I wanted, (the pink line was to make sure the correct length was kept) and then I drew in my 4cm seam allowance.
 Next, I cut out the pattern and fabric, transferring all my markings as well.

Then I folded and pressed the edge in and then folded again, as shown. Do this to every edge.  


Fold the corners in half, do one corner at a time. Pin from second seam line at a 45 degree angle, and top stitch until the first seam line. Stitch line is shown in black. Trim the excess corner as shown.

Then press the seam outwards and turn the corner inside out.

Finally, re-press all your edges in place and then topstitch around the edge.

And then you're done! 


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