Weekly menu board

My Mum is ALWAYS moaning about how she doesn't know what to cook, she doesn't know what to eat all week etc. So this craft is to give her a little hand on being organised.

You will need;
Push pins
Bull dog clips
A cork pin board
Scrap book paper

Firstly start with the board and paint the frame, any paint will work, it just depends on the effect you wish to have.

Paint the frame to the theme you want to do, then line with the scrapbook paper.

Pin ribbon around the board. Stick on the days of the week. Clip the bull dog clips to the ribbon and pin them as shown. 

Pin in pieces of card as 'pockets' to hold recipes and cheat sheets. Place in blank 'meal cards' in which you write the meal you will be having and clip it on the bull dog clips under the correct day. 

And tah-dah! A weekly meal board! 


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