Cork wine bottle coaster.

I originally planned this craft to be made out of old wine corks however; it turns out that most bottles are now screw cap and we didn't have any so I just bought a packet of 30 from Wilkos.

What you will need; 
12 corks
Glue gun

Firstly, you need to cut them in half to create 23 half corks. Make sure you do them all the same size other wise your wine bottle will fall. 

 Once cut you will begin to stick them together. Lay out the corks in a grape pattern, or what ever shape you choose, and mark on each cork where it touches the other cork.

 When sticking them together place a line of hot glue on one cork and slide the other cork onto the glued cork. This is to make sure the corks are even.

 I teamed my coaster up with two homemade glasses made from wine bottles.

To do this (sorry I don't have photos, it's a bit tricky to do so!) you will soak twine, or string in nail varnish remover, then wrapped it around the bottle tightly. Hold the bottle on it's side, set the string a light, and slowly turn. Once the string has burnt out dunk it in cold water.

You will have to do this a few times but eventually it will cut the glass.

Box it up and ta-dah; a cute little gift set for one of the family! 


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